D-modules, contact valued calculus and Poincare-Cartan form by Alonso Blanco R.J.

By Alonso Blanco R.J.

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Johnson, Philadelphia, Lippincott (I960) 2. H. Maugh, Trace elements: a growing appreciation of their effects on man, Science 181, 253 (1973) 3· N. Alcock, I. Maclntyre and I. Radde, The determination of magnesium in biological fluids and tissues by flame spectrophotometry, J. clin. Pathol. B. Willis, The determination of metals in blood serum by atomic absorption spectroscopy II. (Magnesium), Spectrochim. Acta 16, 273 (I960) 5. H. Rubin, Central role for magnesium in coordinate control of metabolism and growth in animal cells, P r o c Nat.

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